Friday, December 30, 2016

Position Paper Writing Aid

The Position Paper is the climax of the preparation process for any Model United Nations conference, representing the summarized, researched and representative view of your state on the particular issues your council is addressing. Here are some steps for converting your paper from expository to professional writing:
ü  The key findings, ideas, or conclusions of your research should not be more than about 3-7 in number be able to state them in a brief sentence each (or fewer if you can).
ü  Pull them up to the position statement that comes before your introduction.
ü  In the first sentence, tell the reader directly what to do or think with this information.
ü  In the rest of the paragraph, key ideas only, no explanations at all (that’s Level 2)
ü  Use headings throughout the rest of the paper that are tied to your key findings so that it’s easy for the reader to navigate.
ü  Underneath each heading, summarize the information and then explain it.
The primary goal of a position essay is to persuade the reader that the writer's point of view or opinion is correct. To write a successful position essay, the writer should carefully pick the topic and do proper research on the discussed issue. Position papers need to be well-balanced, and interesting to read. Both, the writer's position and the alternative or opposing position should be presented to assure the pluralism of thought. The alternative position presented in a position paper should reflect the most common view of the audience on the chosen topic.

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